Clark Hunt admits Chiefs knew about all three of Kareem Hunt’s incidents


Kansas City Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt says the Kansas City Chiefs were aware of all three Kareem Hunt incidents before releasing him.

It appears the Kansas City Chiefs knew more than we thought they did when Kareem Hunt was released a week ago. Hunt was cut last Friday after surveillance video was from a Cleveland hotel was released showing him attacking a woman in a hallway.

After his release, however, news of two other incidents spanning almost the entire offseason were brought to the attention of the public. Given the wide perception that the Chiefs bungled the hotel incident, news that something similar had happened two other times put pressure on the Chiefs to explain themselves.

According to AP reporter Dave Skretta, Clark Hunt admitted the Chiefs were aware of all three separate incidents involving Kareem Hunt prior to releasing him a week ago. It’s not specifically stated when the Chiefs knew about them, just that the team had all of the facts before releasing him.

Initially, it was stated by the team that no one in the organization had seen the video of the hotel incident before it was released by TMZ. But that didn’t satisfy inquiries about whether or not the Chiefs knew what had happened, and if they did how could they have allowed him to return to the team?

Admitting that the team knew about all three separate incidents before releasing Hunt is less incriminating than it seems. Clark isn’t saying the Chiefs were always aware of the incidents, rather they became aware of them while making the decision to release their star running back.

That still doesn’t answer the all important question of when the Chiefs were made aware of all three incidents.

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