Alex Smith infection raises concerns, but not panic yet

Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins have to be concerned about quarterback Alex Smith and his infected leg, but we’re not close to the panic button yet.

Alex Smith isn’t having a smooth recovery from his broken leg. That said, it’s not time to panic yet either for the 34-year-old.

As multiple reports suggested on Thursday morning, Smith is dealing with an infection from a Nov. 18 surgery on his shattered right leg. Smith was treated at Prince George’s Medical Center, where he was treated for a compound and spiral fracture.

While infection is always a scary notion following any procedure, Smith being able to recover and play once again in the NFL is still a very viable option. When it becomes more serious is if Smith needs a skin graft to replace tissue that has become unsalvageable. Should that happen, the risk of further infection goes up as the new skin may not be as sturdy as Smith’s own.

One medical professional who spoke with FanSided stated that Smith should not be near that point yet.

FanSided has also reached out for comment from both Smith’s agent and Prince George’s Medical Center to further understand Smith’s current condition. Both inquiries have gone unreturned to this juncture.

As Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tells us, Smith has had tissue removed, but that’s different than being replaced. If all goes well for Smith and the Redskins, this will be the start of a turnaround in fortunes.

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