Browns fans are convinced Urban Meyer will be their next coach

Cleveland Browns

Browns fans are getting a little too hopeful on Twitter that Urban Meyer will be their next head coach, which is not going to happen.

Other than an NBA championship in 2016, there hasn’t been much to cheer for in Cleveland over the years. So, that means it’s acceptable for Cleveland Browns fans to dream about things that are never going to happen, right?

It sure is.

Apparently, several Browns fans believe Urban Meyer will be the team’s next head coach in 2019. Meyer, who has coached Ohio State since 2012, recently announced that he will retire from coaching after his team plays in the Rose Bowl in a few weeks.

So, it would all make sense for him to come to the Browns, right? After all, he wouldn’t even have to leave the state of Ohio.

Sorry, Browns fans, but it’s not happening. Meyer is done coaching, and he even said so himself.

“I believe I will not coach again,” Meyer said at his retirement press conference.

It’s also no secret that Meyer is dealing with health issues, so when he hangs it up following his last game on the sidelines for the Buckeyes, he’s hanging it up for good.

Just for kicks, here’s a look at what the odds are of Meyer becoming the next head coach in Cleveland.

It won’t happen, but it’s a nice little dream for Browns fans to enjoy right now, at least until they are hit with cold, hard reality. And boy, some fans really are dreaming as hard as they can.

The Browns organization can only have so much good luck. They landed the first overall draft pick in 2018, and with that came a franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield. But getting lucky enough to land Meyer as well?

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Don’t hold your breath there, Browns fans. You might just have to settle for Mike McCarthy.

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