Lamar Jackson shows why he’s future of Ravens (Video)

Baltimore Ravens

It looks like the Lamar Jackson era is going to be very fun to watch for Ravens fans.

Just when it looked like Lamar Jackson was going to slip out of the first round in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens stepped up and snagged him with the 32nd-overall pick.

Months later, it appears that the Ravens have struck gold with that decision.

Making his third start in Week 13 against the Atlanta Falcons, Jackson is once again showing why the Joe Flacco era in Baltimore is all but finished. The future of the Ravens revolves around the 21-year-old rookie out of Louisville.

In the first quarter in Atlanta, with the Ravens trailing 3-0, Jackson took a snap from the 13-yard line and darted to his right, juking multiple defenders on his way to running right into the pylon for a touchdown. It was nothing short of a sensational play, one that highlights Jackson’s elusive quarterback skills.

Since Jackson took over for Flacco as Baltimore’s starting quarterback, he’s given them a new energy they didn’t have before. With Jackson starting, the Ravens are 2-0, and could be on their way to a third straight win if they can beat the Falcons.

At only age 21, Jackson looks like he’s plenty ready for the NFL, and he has a lot of football ahead of him. The future of the Ravens is in great hands.

No disrespect to Flacco, but Baltimore has gotten everything out of him that it can. While he’s never been a must-see quarterback like Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning, Flacco had moments where he was very good. He came up huge for the Ravens back in 2012 when he led them to victory in Super Bowl XLVII, earning the Super Bowl MVP honors.

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That was a special year for Baltimore fans, and they will forever have a special place for Flacco because of it. But it’s evident that he has nothing left to give this team.

Meanwhile, Jackson has everything to give this team, and he continues to show it week after week. If he keeps it up, he’s going to be winning the hearts of Ravens fans for a long time to come.

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