Baker Mayfield is thriving without dysfunction

Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield’s numbers are up without the Haley-Jackson shenanigans. Were the two coaches firings a blessing in disguise for Mayfield’s rookie season?

Dysfunction anywhere usually causes mayhem, and the Cleveland Browns were no different.

The Browns had to deal with Todd Haley and Hue Jackson, two coaches. They just didn’t click.

The dysfunction would not only affect their rookie quarterback, Baker Mayfield, on the field, but it took a toll on the team, too.

To alleviate the dysfunctional workplace, both coaches were fired and Gregg Williams took over head coaching duties while Freddie Kitchens handled the offensive playcalling. Since this exchange, Mayfield has blossomed. The growth of Mayfield is best exhibited within the last three games.

As Pro Football Talk points out, Mayfield’s completion percentage has seen a 15 percent increase since Jackson and Haley were fired, while averaging 2.2 more yards per pass. Impressively, Mayfield has thrown nine touchdowns in three games sans the duo, while only hitting on eight in the six appearances under them.

While the Browns are only sitting at 4-6-1, it’s a record that should spread optimism.

After dealing with Jackson and his inability to put a competent system in place for the rookie quarterback, Mayfield has a coaching staff that believes in him and his ability to lead. It appeared that Jackson and Haley were more concerned with the belief of themselves. That just won’t work well when a rookie such as Mayfield needs balance.

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The Browns aren’t too far away from the playoff hunt. If the coaching staff continues to provide a supportive atmosphere to Mayfield and the Browns, then a Cleveland run to the postseason isn’t such a far-fetched idea.

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