Todd Gurley doesn’t care about your fantasy team, and he’s right

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After passing on the opportunity to score in the games final minutes, Todd Gurley wants you to know he doesn’t care about bets and oddsmakers, only that the Rams won.

Todd Gurley could have added to his touchdown total for this season in the final minutes of the L.A. Rams 29-27 victory over the Green Bay Packers. Instead, he felt the yardage he gained on his final run was enough.

Gurley broke through for the first down with just over a minute to play in what appeared to be a sure-fire touchdown. But with the game already sealed due to his run, Gurley opted to go down at the 4-yard line, giving the Rams the victory. But with the Packers expected to lose by at least nine points, Gurley’s decision ultimately cost anyone who bet that the Packers would lose by nine points or more. The Packers covered the spread since they lost by two, perhaps leaving many perplexed at Gurley’s decision.

After the game, Gurley commented on those who might have been affected by his betting and fantasy blunder:

Todd Gurley, on stopping short of goal line to secure the win and run out the clock: “Man, forget fantasy and forget Vegas. We got the win, so that’s all that matters.”

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Gurley’s 195 yards from scrimmage capped off another huge day for the former University of Georgia sensation. He also extended his touchdown streak to 11 games, which has propelled the Rams to an 8-0 record. With that said, Gurley’s answer to those concerned with Vegas and his own performances says it all: the win matters. Every win matters in the NFL: wins are a necessity, vegas and fantasy are supplementary. Of course, it would be great for oddsmakers and those who enjoy playing fantasy to get satisfaction on Sunday’s due to covering the spread or their player getting X-amount of points. But Gurley essentially is saying you can’t take for granted the most expensive thing to achieve in the NFL: winning.

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