5 NFL teams that must win in Week 8

NFL Teams

Get excited football fans, Week 8 is treating us to numerous great games, and they are bound to be filled with drama.

As the dog days of the season set in, teams are starting to pull away from the pack while others are in full on tank mode. The Rams for example are the lone undefeated group in football, and for good reason. They are beginning to really pull away from the competition in the NFC, but a big game against the Green Bay Packers looms.

On the other hand, teams like the Raiders and Giants are amidst full-blown rebuilds and are content with tanking. From here on out, it is actually worse for them to win games as it will only hurt their draft position.

With that being said, all five teams this week are playoff contenders that could use a victory.

5. Los Angeles Rams

I know what you’re probably thinking, the Rams are 7-0, why are they on this list of teams that must win? Well, two reasons. One, they are undefeated and can continue pushing ahead of the field by improving to 8-0. The second, they are playing the Packers who are obviously led by Aaron Rodgers who is without a doubt the most talented quarterback in the league.

Looking ahead to next week, the Rams will face off against the Saints who are likely the second best team in the NFC. A win against the Packers heading into that game would be a good way to keep the momentum flowing.

Also, it is impressive enough to beat Rodgers who has a knack for winning games that his team had no business winning. The Rams are an incredible team, and while this wouldn’t exactly be classified as a “must win”, it will surely be a good win for a Rams team that has yet to really be challenged.

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