5 players the Raiders may trade before the NFL deadline

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are in the midst of a total roster overhaul. These five players could still be jettisoned by Jon Gruden before the NFL Trade Deadline.

Jon Gruden has already made two of the biggest NFL trades of the season, but there’s a significant probability that the Raiders aren’t done. Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper may already be gone, but there aren’t many players on the Oakland roster who should feel safe about their future with the Raiders.

Simply put, you should expect the Raiders to continue to shop most of the players on their roster right up until the NFL Trade Deadline. That means Oakland fans shouldn’t buy any personalized jerseys until Halloween arrives. The last day for teams to make trades is Monday, Oct. 30th.

For Gruden and company it’s not a question of whether or not prominent players are available. Instead, it’s a question of which stars the Raiders front office wants to move the most. Teams looking for a bargain should start with these five guys.

5. Gabe Jackson

Guard still isn’t the sexiest position in the NFL, but it’s a place where a lot of teams need help. Given the fact that Jackson is a solid starter who wasn’t drafted by Gruden, it’s obvious that he will be available if Oakland can find a taker.

Specifically, Gruden and company would like to move Jackson’s long-term salary off their cap. He’s currently signed through 2022 when he’ll sport a cap hit north of $9 million. It’s pretty unlikely he’s going to give the team positive value at 31 years of age.

Unfortunately for Gruden and company, Jackson is going to be hard to move at that number. Unless they’re willing to give him away for practically nothing, they’ll need to keep him as a solid starter for years to come. That doesn’t seem like a bad outcome for most franchises, but Oakland isn’t a normal NFL situation.

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