Ezekiel Elliott is putting last week in the rearview

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The Dallas Cowboys made a statement in their “must-win” victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday. Ezekiel Elliott believes the win will be in vain if they don’t build on it.

The Dallas Cowboys best performance this season was featured last Sunday as they routed the Jacksonville Jaguars 40-7.

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott had a big day himself, tallying 106 yards on the ground while scoring a touchdown in the process.

Elliott’s performance played a key role in the Cowboys defeating a Jacksonville team that was one quarter away from being Super Bowl bound last season. But, Elliott isn’t resting on his laurels and implies that the win means nothing without more wins to follow suit.

“It was a game we needed,” Elliott said. “I’ve said it before – if we don’t build on it, everything we did last week really means nothing.”

Elliott said the key for the Cowboys in duplicating the success is communication, “we’ve got to make sure we’re on the same page. When we’re all on the same page and got all our assignments down then we’ll be in a good spot.”

The Cowboys are in an NFC East division that has no clearcut favorite but plenty of parity. This Sunday, they face a Washington Redskins team who has the best record in the division-only a 3-2 record.

Elliott’s claim of imploring the Cowboys to build on their success makes sense: With the Redskins sitting at 3-2, and the Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles at 3-3, the Cowboys have a chance to separate themselves from the rest of the division.

The season is still young, and the Cowboys have plenty of time to make a playoff push by pulling off a string of victories. Unlike college football, the NFL playoffs aren’t based on strength of schedule/how many victories over top opponents. It’s all about the final record.

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Hopefully, Elliott’s Cowboys can build off last weeks win and get above 500 this Sunday as they play the Redskins.

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