Who should the Giants draft to replace Eli Manning

New York Giants

It’s no secret the Giants need to draft a replacement for Eli Manning. Here are four options Dave Gettleman should seriously consider.

Saquon Barkley is a really talented running back, but he shouldn’t be on the Giants roster. There’s no question Dave Gettleman and company should have selected a quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft.

They obviously didn’t. That makes it very obvious they’ll need to secure a long-term replacement for Eli Manning in the 2019 Draft. The only question is who the Giants should select. This single decision will likely determine the team’s ability to be competitive anytime in the near future. Get it right, and the offense could easily become good enough to get the Giants back into the Playoffs. Get it wrong, and the franchise might be in the NFC East basement for years to come.

In this piece, we’ll walk you through four players worthy of consideration. We start with an underrated signal caller who might be available in round 2.

4. Ryan Finley

No one will blame you if you haven’t watched a ton of NC State football this season. That will likely change when they take on Clemson next week, but Finley is a quarterback who deserves your attention.

He isn’t the most dynamic signal caller in next year’s draft class, but he shows a real ability to make plays inside the pocket. Finley is absolutely a quarterback who can come in and compete for the starting job immediately. That will certainly appeal to the Giants front office.

Ultimately, Finley only has a chance to take over for Manning if the Giants choose to go elsewhere with their top pick in the draft. Don’t put that possibility past Gettleman and company. They defied conventional wisdom by selecting Barkley, and they could certainly do it again. In particular, Gettleman might decide to draft a pass rusher in round 1 and circle back for a signal caller in round 2. If, and only if, that happens, Finley could be headed to New York.

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