Giants are getting roasted on Twitter

New York Giants

The New York Giants are looking pitiful on Thursday Night Football, and NFL Twitter is not letting up on this dysfunctional bunch.

There is no way to sugar coat this, the 2018 New York Giants are terrible.

In front of a national television audience, the Giants are showing that they just have what it takes to compete this season. Their impending loss to the rival Philadelphia Eagles will knock their record to 1-5 and put them in a hole that will be impossible to climb out of.

If there still time to turn it around? I guess, maybe?

The way that this team is set up, that doesn’t seem likely. Eli Manning looks finished, Odell Beckham Jr. looks like he’s on the verge of asking for a trade, the Giants offensive line is still a dumpster fire, and the defense hasn’t been up to par, either.

The sad part is that Big Blue Nation has high hopes for this season, but the hype train has left the station, and coming into the station is the train of despair and disbelief. Throughout this crap fest, Giants fans — and their rivals — have unloaded on Twitter, and here’s a sample of the carnage.


That offensive line has long been the pit of despair, but it looks especially horrendous this season. Not even God can fix that mess.

When your rivals feel bad for you, that’s a clear sign that you’re a terrible team.

Oh, you know those Jets fans are all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, any social media platform you can think of, they’re talking smack about the Giants right now.

Speaking of:

Yep, it’s official, Jedi Black, the Big Apple has become Jets territory again, and the Giants are their little brothers.

Put a fork in them, these Giants are done in 2018.

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