J.J. Watt or T.J. Watt? Who wins brotherly sack competition?


Brothers J.J. and T.J. Watt currently lead the NFL in sacks, and they are enjoying a little brotherly competition.

If you’re a defensive player in the NFL, it’s not very often that you get to Google who leads the league in sacks and see your own name right alongside your brother’s name. But brothers J.J. Watt and T.J. Watt get to do just that.

J.J., who plays defensive end for the Houston Texans, is currently in a three-way tie with T.J., who plays linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins — each with six sacks apiece to lead the NFL.

So the question is, which brother will come out on top? According to them, they are treating it as a friendly competition.

“It’s pretty wild when you go look at the sack sheet and you see our names next to each other,” J.J. said, via the official Houston Texans website. “We used to beat up on each other in the backyard and now we get to see our names at the top of the NFL sack charts. So, it’s incredible and I’m lucky. I have two incredible brothers (the other being Los Angeles Chargers fullback Derek Watt) and I’m very fortunate.”

And as expected, T.J. feels just about the same way.

“It’s healthy competition and I’m just happy to see both my brothers out there playing on Sundays,” T.J. said, via ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. “It’s something I’ll never take for granted is being able to sit on the couch and watch them play. It’s pretty special.”

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It’s pretty neat to see the brothers having fun with this, and it’s a very rare opportunity that not many people get to experience. And what it makes it even better is that it has to be equally enjoyable for their parents as well.

That is, as long as J.J. and T.J. make sure to keep it a “friendly” competition.

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