Dez Bryant wants to play for Cowboys again

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In a move that’s about to set the Twitter world on fire, Dez Bryant seems to have put the hard feelings for his former team aside. So now what?

My oh my, how deftly we try to put the bridge back together. After an off-season full of venom directed at ex-Dallas Cowboys teammates, notably Sean Lee, wide receiver Dez Bryant looks to be having a case of the take-backsies.

On Tuesday after posting a video of himself working out, he was prompted by the question of where he’s going to sign. As a refresher, Bryant was released way before training camp, has been offered deals and turned them down, he’s made visits to the Cleveland Browns and he’s even not so subtly reached out to the New England Patriots.

He’s never faltered on the tune that he can and will play somewhere, and if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we had to figure this answer to the question was coming at some point.

It’s a little strange, though in the context of Dez overall, maybe it isn’t so surprising. On the one hand, he still straight villifies the playcalling, which has been a keepsake argument of his for a while now. Also, and this might be an issue, Sean Lee is uh, still on the team.

Dez went so far as to call Lee a snake after he was cut, so that probably isn’t the best look for a guy trying to have his contract renewed. On the opposite end, Bryant grew up with a deep love for Dallas, never (publicly at least) wanted to play anywhere else, and he tweets about them like so much. He even sat next to Jerry Jones for a Beyonce concert literally a day after trolling Dallas’ loss to Carolina in Week 1. Bizarre? You’re not kidding.

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The real question is would the Cowboys welcome him back. And the answer to that is likely no. Color us shocked if it were to happen. Dallas and the Jones family seem to have completely moved on, despite the need for a legit threat at receiver. That isn’t to say Bryant doesn’t still possess elite talent. It would simply be insanity to start this process over again.

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