NFL odds: 5 best bets for NFL MVP

NFL Odds

We’re heading into Week 4 of the NFL season, and we’re finally starting to figure things out. Now that we know a little more of who’s really good and who’s really not, this is where you can get some real value on NFL odds for MVP.

Betting on the NFL MVP in September may feel silly, but looking back at years past it may be the right thing to do. Sure, you are risking injuries, players falling off and a great story coming out of nowhere to steal the award, but as stats start to compile and players start to separate, the odds obviously plummet. Right now, the odds are still leaning towards some names that dominated in the past, but likely won’t make headway this season.

Aaron Rodgers is still second in the NFL in MVP voting at 5/1. He hasn’t been bad this season, but he’s playing on one leg and is not putting up Aaron Rodgers type stats. That’s the kind of gamble you stay far, far away from. On the other hand, there are a number of bets that are still way out there, but could be the kind of player to race up the betting boards.

You can win some insane money with the MVP odds, especially in a year like this. There is one clear cut favorite right now, but that could change in a heartbeat. Tom Brady doesn’t have the same pedigree as he does in years past, but his odds could be enticing.

There are so many bets to make right now, but there are five that look really good right now. Here are the five best bets for MVP of the NFL.

All odds via BetOnline posted this past Tuesday.

No. 5: Tom Brady +1200

I don’t think that the New England Patriots will be good enough for Tom Brady to win back-to-back MVP awards, but can you ever discount him completely? He has nothing around him right now, and if the team loses on Sunday they will be three games back in the division going into October.

Yet, when will you ever see 12/1 odds for the greatest quarterback of all time?

Brady is about to get Josh Gordon in the lineup, then next week he welcomes back Julian Edelman. Sony Michel will figure out how to play football, and with all these weapons returning defenses won’t be able to put two players on Rob Gronkowski every play.

Brady should not be the favorite for MVP, he’s actually ranked around fifth, but nobody should discount him for a second.

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