Chris Conte gets rocked by epic stiff arm, but not for the first time

Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chris Conte getting stiff-armed by the Steelers Vance McDonald wasn’t the first time the Bucs safety has gotten rocked in that fashion.

Man, did Vance McDonald lay a sick stiff arm on Chris Conte or what?

It was like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety went out to by an ice cream cone, and when he was reaching for it, God held his arm out and told him, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” That’s exactly what McDonald’s killer stiff arm to Conte seemed like.

It was six minutes to go in the first quarter, and the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary became the latest victims of “FitzMagic.” So, Ben Big and the Steelers offense had to respond, and what better way to counter the FitzMagic than with a little bit of Pittsburgh Brute?

When Big Ben dropped back, he found a wide open McDonald, and as soon as he caught it the ball, he encountered Conte. What happened next was one of the most vicious stiff arms you will ever witness:

Here’s a fun fact: That wasn’t the only time Conte was on the receiving end of an ugly stiff arm.

Eric Wood, a Pro Bowl center for the Buffalo Bills, dug up some footage from a few years back when Conte was playing safety for the Chicago Bears.

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In a game against his very Bills, the game went into overtime, and Fred Jackson got the ball and was powering his way toward the end zone. The only man standing in the way between him and the land of six was, you guessed it, Chris Conte.

What happened next will make you go to the altar and pray for Conte:

As bad as that Jackson stiff arm was, the McDonald stiff arm looks a lot worse. This stiff arm was seen by millions, and we can only imagine the embarrassment that he will feel when this is on the SportsCenter Top 10.

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