Justin Houston says Jimmy Garoppolo should have stepped out of bounds

San Francisco 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston says San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo knee injury was self-inflicted.

The San Fransisco 49ers suffered a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, 38-27, this past Sunday. But, they may have lost their quarterback for the long run, too.

Jimmy Garoppolo injured his left knee while on a third-down scramble. Garoppolo, who was near the sideline, saw his knee buckle as he braced for a hit from Chiefs cornerback Steven Nelson. As of now, the 49ers prognosis is that they may have lost their franchise quarterback to an anterior cruciate ligament tear after being carted off the field.

Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston, though, isn’t as worried nor as sympathetic as the 49ers and the rest of the NFL world. His perspective? If Jimmy G would have gone out of bounds, he probably wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

“I think that was his fault. I pray he’s not hurt, nothing serious, but as a quarterback, you should step out of bounds,” Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston said. “It’s only an inch. That inch would’ve made a difference. You got the yardage you need. You step out of bounds. You gotta be smart and think about your team.”

While Houston’s apathy is noting, he isn’t far from the truth. Quarterbacks are the most valuable players on any team. A quarterback as agile and athletic as Garoppolo is a blessing, but as Sunday came and went, it’s a curse, too.

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Hopefully, Garoppolo’s assessment isn’t that bad, and he can return to the team sooner than later. The 49ers are investing five years and $137.5 million into the Eastern Illinois product, and a wasted season is wasted dollars. If anything, Jimmy G. probably will learn one thing from this entire ordeal: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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