Bills Twitter mistakes Minnesota for Wisconsin in epic social media fail

Buffalo Bills

Whoever is in charge of social media for the Buffalo Bills was asleep at the wheel.

If you’re a fan of the Buffalo Bills, you might want to erase the 2018 season permanently from your memory. Not just from a football standpoint, but also from a social media standpoint as well.

The official Twitter account of the Bills desperately tried to get fans fired up for this Sunday’s road game against the Minnesota Vikings with a creative video graphic. It showed an animation of a plane taking off from Buffalo and landing in what they apparently thought was Minneapolis, followed with a line saying “Your Bills have landed!”

But this is where it just gets comical. Whoever designed the graphic must not have paid very much attention during elementary school geography class, because the video depicted the virtual airplane landing somewhere that wasn’t anywhere relatively close to Minneapolis. In fact, the plane landed somewhere near the bottom of Wisconsin, roughly in the Madison area.

Maybe this person got the Minnesota Vikings confused with the Wisconsin Badgers. If that’s the case, someone should probably remind him/her that NFL teams don’t play games against college football teams.

Bills fans are most likely already fed up enough with this season. Their initial starting quarterback, Nathan Peterman, was absolutely atrocious in the team’s season opener, which then forced them to go right to their incredibly raw rookie quarterback Josh Allen, who has absolutely no business playing in any games against Buffalo’s brutal schedule this year.

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The Bills might very well be the worst team in the league in 2018, just one year after they finally broke their 17-year playoff drought. The fans already have enough reason to be irritated with their team. And now the social media team certainly isn’t making anything any better.

To make things even worse, the Bills are most likely in for another vicious beating against the Vikings on Sunday.

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