It might be difficult getting Bill Belichick to talk about Josh Gordon

New England Patriots

Bill Belichick doesn’t talk about anything he doesn’t want to talk about, and it’s pretty clear that he’s not yet ready to talk about Josh Gordon.

Bill Belichick has always been a man of few words. Reporters have been trying for years to pry information and great quotes out of Belichick, and it’s like pulling teeth.

The New England Patriots made a little bit of a splash this week by trading for wide receiver Josh Gordon, who was a member of the Cleveland Browns for six seasons but barely played due to injuries and off-the-field problems. While trading for Gordon seems like an incredibly risky move by the Patriots, Belichick is well-known for reviving the careers of players who seemed like they were finished.

If there’s a place where Gordon can get his career back on track, it’s in New England with Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

But in typical Belichick fashion, he doesn’t have much to say about it. He rarely ever does.

According to, a reporter asked Belichick during a conference call what kind of contributions Gordon can make right away, as the Patriots are set to play the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night Football this week.

“Yeah, we’re at the same place with him that we were yesterday,” Belichick said. “So we’re in the process of working through it. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

“So, in other words, you’re not completely ready to talk about him being officially added to the roster. Is that correct?” the reporter responded.

Belichick didn’t hide from that question.

“Yeah, that’s right. Mm-hmm,” he said.

That’s pretty much the most Belichick interview ever. This is a guy who refuses to ever talk about anything that happened prior to the current moment. Ask him a question about something that happened yesterday, and he will respond with “We’re on to (name of next opponent).”

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It’s difficult to know exactly what kind of impact Gordon will have on the Patriots, if any. And with so much uncertainty surrounding the situation, reporters probably have a better chance of winning the Powerball than getting Belichick to comment on it.

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