Updated NFL standings, Week 3: Jaguars, Chiefs remain unbeaten


Week 3 of the NFL is upon us, we have seven undefeated teams, and seven winless teams.

AFC East: Has a surprising top dog. The Miami Dolphins are currently undefeated. Not surprisingly the Buffalo Bills are yet again winless to start their season. The New England Patriots are 1-1 coming off a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in a AFC championship rematch.

AFC North: Cincinnati holds the top spot. The Bengals have impressive wins over the Colts and Ravens to begin their season. Not surprising to see the Browns winless, but it is very surprising to see the Steelers struggle against opponents such as Cleveland to begin their season.

AFC South: Jacksonville looks to be the same dominant team that went to the AFC championship a season ago. The Colts look a lot better with a healthy Andrew Luck back under center. The Houston Texans are the disappointing team thus far in thus division. Not living up to expectations.

AFC West: Kansas City and Denver are off to 2-0 starts to begin their seasons. Patrick Mahomes has been amazing in his first year as a starter. Denver looks to have a possible playoff team with Keenum at the helm. Jon Gruden’s Raiders are winless after the first two games.

NFC East: Remains competitive as usual. The Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins are all 1-1. Eli Mannings Giants are the only winless team in the division. Carson Wentz returns for Philadelphia in week three.

NFC North: The Packers and Vikings tied in Week 2. That puts them both tied on top of the division. Chicago earned their first win on Monday Night Football. The Lions are struggling to find an identity on offense and defense under new head coach Matt Patricia.

NFC South: Tampa Bay is the most surprising team as Ryan Fitzpatrick has lead them to two big victories with stellar play. The Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons are both 1-1 after their matchup last week. The Saints are also 1-1, making this division the most competitive thus far.

NFC West: The Los Angeles Rams continue to win under Sean Mcvay. Todd Gurley looks to be the same dominant runner from a season ago. The Niners looked good in their win over the Lions last week. They go to 1-1. Both the Seahawks and Cardinals bring up the rear at 0-2.

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