Cardinals need to start Josh Rosen immediately

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals aren’t going anywhere this season, so why aren’t they turning the team over to Josh Rosen? A damn good question.

The Arizona Cardinals have played two games. They have two losses. They have six points. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams shut out the Cardinals, forcing eight punts and an interception on the visitor’s first nine drives of the game. The 10th? It ended, mercifully, with the clock running out.

Sam Bradford isn’t the only problem, but he sure isn’t a solution. The veteran journeyman was terrible agasint the Rams, throwing for 90 yards on 17-of-27 with an interception. At some point, new head coach Steve Wilks has to accept reality. The team isn’t good, and neither is Bradford.

In short, give the ball — and the team — to Josh Rosen.

Rosen was selected 10th-overall by the Cardinals after trading up with the Oakland Raiders. He saw little action in the preseason but when he played, looked promising despite playing behind a poor offensive line. At this juncture, there is little to lose for a franchise that has been searching desperately for an answer at the league’s most important position for the better part of 100 years.

With the Rams running away with the NFC West and the San Francisco 49ers representing a solid second-place team, the Cardinals should be using 2018 as a gateway to the future. Bradford, even to the most ardent and optimistic Cardinals supporter, isn’t part of that picture.

While Larry Fitzgerald is still on the field, allow him to mentor Rosen. Let the kid benefit from playing without pressure, something that hopefully won’t be the case next year if Arizona can add pieces on both sides of the ball.

In Week 3, the Cardinals are hosting the Chicago Bears. When they take the field, Rosen should be under center.

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