Twitter reacts to Matthew Stafford’s horrific night

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford is having the worst night of his career, and NFL Twitter is not letting him forget about it either. Please enjoy.

What in God’s good name happened to Matthew Stafford?

The Detroit Lions’ star quarterback is having a night to forget. He’s thrown four interceptions, almost had his rib cage snapped in half and had boos raining down on him almost the entire night.

To add insult to injury, his team is losing 41-17 (Editor’s note: it’s now 48-17) to a New York Jets team that averaged just 14 points on the road in 2017 and is starting a rookie quarterback. Welcome to the reality of the Lions, a team that had dreams of competing, only to let their long-suffering fans suffer again.

As you can imagine, NFL Twitter has been all over Stafford’s horrific night, and we would love to share some of the best highlights from this trashfest. Get your popcorn and soda ready, and enjoy these wonderful tweets.

Trust us, it’s better than what Detroit is being treated to right now.

And that tweet was two hours ago, mind you. Moving on:

I think we can answer this question, Colin. The answer, as of right now, is no. Peterman wasn’t good to begin with, and Stafford was overrated to begin with. So in a sense, the two are related.

Stop throwing salt on the good name of Jay Cutler, Sports Nerd.

Apparently, Squintz, you are not a Lions fan. Otherwise, you would totally understand why they are sending Stafford and this team to the grave in Week 1.

So that’s a sample of the Twitter beatdown Stafford is receiving so far, and it’s all pretty much deserved. Stafford is making $27 million a year to lead the Lions into the pit of mediocrity.

Think about that for a moment.

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