Patriots hope Tom Brady can save Corey Coleman’s career

New England Patriots

Credit Corey Coleman for knowing how to land on his feet. After failing to earn a spot with the Bills and Browns, the wideout is now a Patriot.

Corey Coleman was always a pretty good bet to get another chance in the NFL this season, but it’s hard to imagine him landing in a better spot. After being traded by the Browns and being cut by the lowly bills, he’s somehow landed in New England due to the Patriots’ lack of talent at wide receiver

Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett and Cordarrelle Patterson all had their moments during Week 1, but the Patriots coaching staff was still forced to use Rob Gronkowski more than they’d like. The plan in New England is to keep their All-Pro tight end healthy for the playoffs. That means they need to find other weapons for Tom Brady in the meantime.

Coleman likely represents the most talented option available on the open market. Things didn’t work out for him in Cleveland, but no one is going to confuse Hue Jackson with Belichick. The idea that the former Baylor star can thrive in New England after failing in Cleveland is very familiar to the Patriots head coach.

Brady also happens to be a much better quarterback than anyone Coleman’s had the chance to play with during his brief NFL career. If anyone can help the young receiver get his career back on track, it’s last year’s MVP.

Even so, Coleman faces an uphill battle to earn meaningful playing time with the Patriots. Remember, Julian Edelman will be back in the mix after his four game suspension is up. That means if Coleman wants to make an impact, he needs to do it quickly. His opportunities will be severely limited once Edelman retakes his spot as Brady’s No. 1 wideout.

Adjusting quickly might be a challenge for the former Baylor star. When the Bills made the decision to cut him, they specifically cited his inability to help them right away as part of their logic. That may have been coach speak, but if it’s true, Coleman may struggle to grasp the subtle nuances of the Patriots offense right away.

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At the very least, it’s a great flyer for New England to take. If Coleman hits, he could conceivably find a way to become one of the team’s three best receivers by the end of the season. If he flops, the Patriots can cut him with zero consequences. It’s a classic example of Belichick trying to succeed where his NFL peers have failed.

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