Key takeaways from Week 1 of 2018 NFL season


The first slate of 2018 NFL regular season games brought reactions from across the country as some surprised and others disappointed. We have the key takeaways that you need to know about before focusing on Week 2.

Week 1 of the NFL season always brings overreactions that are worth sharing with coworkers in the office. Some are justified, such as Aaron Rodgers is the GOAT, while others are greatly misguided. The league has a small sample size with only 16 games, so there is some level of importance to even one round of results.

After watching all 16 contests from Week 1, it’s time to look at what really mattered. Not every game had consequences that are guaranteed to rollover into the rest of the season. Some questions were answered, while others grew louder.

There are eight key takeaways I found. Many of these hot-button topics can sway an organization’s season one way or the other depending on how well the team handles their business.

Let’s jump in.

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