NFL Week 2, 2018: Odds for each game

NFL Odds

Now that Week 1 is behind us it’s time to make some more educated bets. Here are the lines for each matchup during Week 2.

Betting on the NFL during Week 1 is always a serious challenge. We think we know what to expect from each team, but there are inevitably going to be loads of surprises. Now that everyone has on game under their collective belts, you can safely approach Week 2 with more confidence.

In other words, don’t expect to see another surprise on the level of the Buccaneers offense blowing out the Saints this week. The NFL is never going to be a predictable league, but trends will inevitably emerge. Skilled gamblers can get a lot better at making money the deeper the season goes.

Of course, oddsmakers get better too. There won’t be as many wild swings in odds this week. gambling public can move lines a little bit, but don’t expect to see things move more than a point and a half in any direction. Read on to discover what your options are for Week 2.

Thursday, Sept. 13

Ravens at Bengals (+1.5)

Sunday, Sept. 16

Panthers at Falcons (-4.5)

Browns at Saints (-8)

Texans at Titans (No line due to Mariota’s injury)

Colts at Redskins (-5)

Chiefs at Steelers (-5)

Chargers at Bills (+7.5)

Dolphins at Jets (+1.5)

Vikings at Packers (-1.5)

Eagles at Buccaneers (+3)

Cardinals at Rams (-10)

Lions at 49ers (-3)

Patriots at Jaguars (+2)

Raiders at Broncos (-4.5)

Giants at Cowboys (-3.5)

Monday, Sept. 17

Seahawks at Bears (-3)

The biggest line of the week is, predictably, the Bills getting 7.5 points at home against the Chargers. Given just how bad Buffalo looked against the Ravens in the opener, that might not be enough.

Curiously, there’s no opening line on the board that’s closer than 1.5 Don’t be shocked if you see the Vikings and Packers matchup drift towards a pick as the game grows closer. Green Bay money will be strong here, but Minnesota looked really good in Week 1.

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There are certainly opportunities to make money on the board. Jump on these lines early if you see value. Otherwise, some slight movement may cost you serious money.

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