Aaron Rodgers injures knee, returns, wins game (of course), gives own injury update

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers showed why he is one of the game’s greatest quarterbacks. with both his performance on the field and in the post-game interview.

After witnessing what will easily go down as one of the most memorable moments in NFL history, we came across a tweet about Aaron Rodgers that is so on point.

The tweet states why NFL teams should pay its star players. They are stars for a reason, as they step up on the biggest stage, whether healthy or hurt. Some were questioning why the Green Bay Packers made Rodgers the highest paid QB in NFL history before the season, and on Sunday, he proved why they did.

Looking like he was done for the year with a left leg injury, Rodgers miraculously came back on the field and rallied his team to a thrilling 24-23 win over their chief rivals, the Chicago Bears.

It was a performance made for a Disney fairy tale story.

Man gets hurt.

Man comes back and leads his team to victory despite the odds.

It is these performances that have made Rodgers a living legend; but what further cemented it was his post-game interview. He seemed just as shocked about what happened as we were; and if anyone doubted that Rodgers would play next week, he issued this proclamation:

“I’m playing next week.”

My God, how could anybody hate Aaron Rodgers?

This is why you pay your stars. This man actually cleared himself to play next week against the Minnesota Vikings, and does anyone think that the Packers training and medical staff is going to stand in his way?


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That’s what makes Rodgers a modern day legend in this league. He’s able to ignore the pain and give his team a lift when it was desperately needed, which is why this man has earned that fat contract.


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