The Rams tried to get Khalil Mack

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The Los Angeles Rams admitted they tried to get newly-acquired Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack via trade.

The Los Angeles Rams are stacked with talent on both sides of the ball. The defense currently has the second-highest paid defensive player in the NFL, Aaron Donald. But they could have had the first, too.

The Rams have revealed that they were in talks with the Oakland Raiders to attempt to acquire Khalil Mack via a packaged trade. The Rams’ executive vice president of football operations Kevin Demoff has stated the Rams offered a very aggressive package to the Raiders. But the Raiders would ultimately decline their offer, fearing that the Raiders would offer a low value of draft picks.

Besides, the Raiders’ biggest fear could have been that they didn’t want to encounter any backlash from their fans since they’re facing the Rams in the season opener.

“We offered a pretty aggressive package and they came back and said, ‘We just think you’re going to pick too low,’ ” Demoff said about the Rams’ potential pick in the 2019 draft.

We can only imagine what could have been: Three of the games most dynamic defensive players — Mack, Donald and Ndamukong Suh — playing for the same team. But for now, it’s highly likely the Rams are content with their two star defensive tackles.

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In reality, though, how would the Rams have paid Mack the amount of money he was asking for? Donald and running back Todd Gurley have already inked massive contracts for the long-term. Also, it’s hard to believe Mack would have accepted anything less than what Donald was signed for. Either way, the Rams didn’t pull it off and are perhaps content with what they presently have.

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