Can Dolphins be an AFC sleeper in 2018?

Miami Dolphins

Wide receiver Albert Wilson is expecting his Dolphins to be a surprise team to watch in 2018.

It’s no secret. The Miami Dolphins have pretty much been written off as a playoff contender for the 2018 season.

They underwhelmed last year with Jay Cutler as their starting quarterback. This year, they’ve lost wide receiver Jarvis Landry to the Cleveland Browns. And as always, they share a division with the New England Patriots, who have been the class of the AFC East for nearly two decades.

Playoff hopes are looking very slim for Miami right about now, but receiver Albert Wilson is expecting the Dolphins to surprise people this year.

“When you think of the Miami Dolphins, people think they’re gonna come in and just walk all over us,” Wilson said, via the Palm Beach Post. “But as a team, not just on offense, I feel like we’re gonna play great on the defensive side of the ball and play great on special teams and we’re gonna do good overall.”

One positive the Dolphins do have going for them is that they are getting back their starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, who has been the team’s signal caller since 2012 with the exception of missing the 2017 season due to injury. But even though he’s been a constant face with this team for years, Tannehill isn’t exactly considered to be among the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. It’s hard to imagine his presence really making that much of a difference for Miami.

As for replacing Landry, the Dolphins did acquire Wilson along with former Patriots receiver Danny Amendola, who brings plenty of playoff and Super Bowl experience with him. Wilson expects them to do some damage offensively.

“I think we’re gonna be amazing,” Wilson continued. “We’re gonna shock a lot of people. We’re gonna stretch the field and get the ball in a lot of different people’s hands and watch them make plays.”

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It’s good that Wilson believes in this team, but he might have a hard time convincing general football fans that the Dolphins are going to be much of a threat this year.

But there is always at least one team in each conference that nobody expects to make the playoffs, and they end up doing just that. Anything is possible.

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