Brian Westbrook surprised teammates are calling out Le’Veon Bell over holdout


Add Brian Westbrook to the list of people who agrees Le’Veon Bell’s teammates shouldn’t be calling him out over his holdout.

As a former Pro-Bowl running back who went through a holdout of his own during his career, Brian Westbrook understands why Le’Veon Bell is holding out, but surprised that his teammates are talking negatively about him.

“One thing I learned early on is that you never talk about a guy and his contract, his money or his holdout because at the end of the day you may be that guy next year,” Westbrook said. “You never want to put your teammate in that position and talk negatively about his holdout.”

Bell has drawn some ire from some of his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates, specifically offensive linemen, who think that Bell should be with the team instead of holding out for a bigger contract.

Several former players have come to Bell’s defense in the situation, and many, including Westbrook, know that without Bell the Steelers offense is not as dynamic.

Unfortunately I don’t think those offensive linemen think they need Le’Veon Bell,” Westbrook said. “If you don’t have that guy there things change very, very quickly for that offense.”

This is the second consecutive year Bell and the Steelers have been unable to come to an agreement over a long-term contract. Last season Bell played on a $12.12 million franchise tag while leading the league in touches with 406.

Arguably the best running back in the NFL, Westbrook hopes the Steelers and Bell come to an agreement and that Bell gets paid what he deserves.

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Westbrook is also partnering with FedEx at the BMW Championship this week at the Aronimink Golf Club in Philadelphia, where he will be delivering tickets to fans at the tournament for the Eagles’ season opener against the Atlanta Falcons tonight.

Breakdown of Brian Westbrook interview

[0:35 – 2:13] Philadelphia Super Bowl hangover?

[2:30 – 2:55] Westbrook’s Super Bowl experience

[3:00 – 3:38] Eagles the favorite in the NFC?

[3:52 – 4:30] New England Patriots decline?

[4:36 – 5:05] What quarterback would you want on your team?

[5:18 – 6:22] What sets Andy Reid apart from other coaches?

[6:35 – 7:15] Induction into 2018 class of Philly Sports Hall of Fame with Allen Iverson

[7:22 – 8:27] Playing football at Villanova

[8:56 -10:43] Brent Celek’s decision to retire after last season

[11:00 – 12:36] What to make of the situation with the Steelers and Le’Veon Bell

[12:57 – 13:51] Advice to current players on concussions

[14:00 – 14:40] FedEx partnership

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