Rob Gronkowski happy, won’t talk contract anymore

New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski says he is ‘super satisfied’ with his restructured contract.

It was a long offseason for Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots.

When a shiny new contract wasn’t in the works for the NFL’s most dominant tight end, Gronkowski got creative with his techniques to try and get a new deal out of Bill Belichick.

There were rumors that he was contemplating retiring from football at the age of 28, still in the middle of his prime. There were even rumors that he was thinking about pulling a Ronda Rousey and going to the WWE.

The two sides finally came to an agreement last week on a restructured deal that seemed to satisfy both parties. It wasn’t a nice, fat contract extension like Gronk was hoping for, but he is getting the opportunity to earn more money in 2018 with per game bonuses and incentives.

That appears to be enough for Gronkowski, at least for right now.

“I’m super satisfied with my situation,” Gronkowski said, according to “If I wasn’t, I would try to pull a move like they did (referring to LA’s Aaron Donald and Atlanta’s Julio Jones). It works out. You get rewarded for holding out. But I’m not frustrated at all or anything. I’m super satisfied and just ready to go. Ready to play. That’s my main focus.”

Fans of the Patriots were constantly wondering all summer where Gronkowski’s head was at in regards to the 2018 season. But now that the issues have been settled, for the time being, it’s a relief to know that Gronk’s only concern now is football, and not his contract.

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Now, the only thing to worry about is the Houston Texans on Sunday.

“It’s definitely a relief to have that all out of the way,” Gronkowski said. “That was last week, and now that’s in the past, which is good. I can put my main focus on the Houston Texans now.”

With two more seasons left on his current contract, it appears that New England fans will be getting the same old Gronk back in 2018.

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