Khalil Mack breaks his silence surrounding holdout: I miss it

Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders pass rusher Khalil Mack has finally broken his silence about holding out on the game he loves dearly, and it’s a short one.

Oakland Raiders pass rusher Khalil Mack is a man who misses football, but not if it doesn’t come with the contract he feels he deserves.

Mack is currently holding out for a new deal and has kept a very low profile amid all the whispers of a potential trade and a potential long holdout. Mack has been silent regarding his stance, but after Ted Nguyen of The Athletic went hunting for a sign, any sign, of Mack, he finally found it in the comment thread of a video he posted on Thursday.

In the video, it shows how Mack uses his techniques to try to get to Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler. He didn’t make it, but the way he was able to bust through the Dolphins offensive line was nothing short of poetic.

In fact, that was Nguyen’s caption, which drew out the once elusive Mack to comment he misses doing what he does best.

I am positive he misses being out on the field with his teammates, getting ready for a season that will produce high expectations in Oakland. Mack is one of the NFL’s best defensive players and his presence, on and off the field, is huge for the Raiders.

While he’s considered one of the most dominant at his position, he isn’t being paid like it. So, he had no other choice but to turn to the tried-and-true method of holding out until a suitable contract can be worked out.

Hopefully, this holdout won’t cause him to miss regular season games, but a man must have a code and honor his worth. Still, it must pain him not being on the field, drilling quarterbacks into the ground.

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