Jalen Ramsey needs to dial it down, says Tony Dungy

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Jacksonville Jaguars corner Jalen Ramsey has caused quite a media frenzy with his critical comments on fellow NFL players. But Tony Dungy has suggested that Ramsey should stick to his day job.

Jalen Ramsey has caused a firestorm with his thoughts concerning the likes of Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and as of late, Rob Gronkowski.

But Hall of Fame head coach Tony Dungy has some free advice for Ramsey: stick to football, let the media delegate news.

At this point for Ramsey, stating how he feels and being outspoken is habitual. Unless Jaguars Executive VP of Football Operations Tom Coughlin speaks to Ramsey (unless he already has) it’s difficult to see Ramsey be quiet to media.

On the flipside, maybe Ramsey needs to talk to get himself going.

But athletes and their behavior toward the media has always been tricky. On one hand, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch was criticized for not speaking to the media during his time in Seattle which led him to come off as pretentious.

On the other hand, players are getting criticized — such as Ramsey — for talking too much and becoming a distraction. Apparently, there is no right or wrong way to address the media, it just all depends on your perspective on team distractions.

In the end, what Ramsey will have to face is Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots on Sept.16. If Ramsey can back up his claims that he doesn’t believe Gronk is as good as advertised, then he has the green light to keep talking.

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If not, maybe Dungy’s free advice is the best bargain Ramsey will ever have.

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