Packers need to follow Aaron Rodgers deal with Khalil Mack trade

Green Bay Packers

The Packers made headlines by locking up Aaron Rodgers to a big deal. Now it’s time for Green Bay to turn their attention to acquiring Khalil Mack.

It’s time for the Packers to take advantage of Jon Gruden’s mistake. He may not see a ton of value in Khalil Mack, but he’s just the sort of player that can transform the Green Bay defense. The Packers need to follow up their mammoth signing of Aaron Rodgers with an equally seismic deal for the talented Raiders defender.

It’s pretty obvious that Green Bay’s front office is at least discussing the idea internally. GM Brian Gutekunst recently told reporters that his team has to have “unique players” if they want to win a championship. The Packers are loaded with that sort of talent on the offensive side of the ball, but their defense needs an elite pass rusher in the worst way.

Mack is one of the most disruptive defenders in today’s game. He’s notched double-digit sacks in each of his last three seasons with the Raiders. Adding him to Muhammad Wilkerson could turn the Packers’ pass rushing weakness into a legitimate strength. Acquiring Mack could ultimately push Green Bay’s defense into the top 10. Combining a top 10 defense to a top five offense is a great recipe for Super Bowl success.

If the Packers are going to move for Mack it’s going to require them to give up a valuable asset. At the very least, Green Bay should be prepared to give up a first round pick for his services. Then, the team would need to hand Mack the big money deal the Raiders aren’t willing to offer him. Bringing Mack in wouldn’t be a cheap move for the team, but it is the sort of gamble that can pay off with a title.

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The reality in Green Bay is that Aaron Rodgers is squarely in his prime. If he can stay healthy, this team is going to be a threat to make a deep run into the playoffs. They do need to add talent around him to take advantage of his abilities while they’re at their peak. Making a big move for a Pro Bowl defender like Mack would be the perfect gamble for the Packers heading into the 2018 season. He could instantly transform Green Bay from contenders to favorites in the NFC.

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