Fans really want Kelly Clarkson to do the Super Bowl halftime show

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The multiple grammy award winning Texas native is being sought out as a Super Bowl halftime show headliner. All thanks to the help of fans everywhere.

The talent of Kelly Clarkson knows no boundaries. She can do it all; sing, dance, and act. However, there is one thing that has alluded her in her career. That happens to be performing for the biggest even in football, the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Well, that looks to possibly change sooner rather than later. According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, a fan petition has been started and sent around to gather signatures to get Clarkson to headline the big winter shindig. After all, what better way to celebrate football than to have a native Texan sing in between halves?

All joking aside, Clarkson is an ideal choice. Her talent is so awe inspiring and her voice is as equally angelic. When you consider some of the other big names in music that have graced that stage, it only seems right for her to be there.

Back in the day, the show consisted of only marching bands. It wasn’t until Super Bowl VI in 1972 that a big name like Ella Fitzgerald took the stage to give a rousing rendition of the song “Mack the Knife.” The trend of big name music voices wouldn’t remain consistent until 1991, when New Kids on the Block broke out the dance moves, with some Disney help.

Following that year would be Gloria Estefan and then Michael Jackson. Additionally, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake have made multiple appearances in years past. Who can forget the infamous wardrobe malfunction?

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Nevertheless, I digress. Kelly Clarkson needs to be included in the mix. Compared to some other nameless music stars, she has never been one to cause any kind of controversy. Clarkson is also a role model for young girls everywhere.

Honestly, fans were right to get this petition started. It’s high time for Miss Independent to get her due and sing us a heartbeat song!

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