Twitter is very excited about Odell Beckham, Jr.’s big pay day

New York Giants

Just as the doctor ordered, Odell Beckham Jr. finally gets the contract he desired: a five year, $95 million dollar extension with 65 million guaranteed.

Odell Beckham Jr. just got the bag and numbers he was looking for: a five year-$95 million with 65 million guaranteed contract extension to make him the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

Beckham has made it known over the last year that he wanted to be the highest paid player in the NFL. While he’s not the highest paid NFL player — that title goes to Jimmy Garoppolo — his contract extension should make the fifth-year LSU product very happy.

Apparently, the Giants locker room and Twitter are excited for Beckham, too.

Beckham’s contract is officially the highest guarantee ever in the history of the NFL at the wide receiver position. For Beckham, he will average $20 million per season for his first three seasons during the extension.

Earlier in training camp, Beckham insisted on not butting into the contract talks with the front office. He explained that he had faith that things would work out. Boy, did it.

“Let them figure it out,” he said of his agent and the team’s front office, insisting that he remains blissfully removed from the process. “I believe that it’s gonna work itself out. It’s a matter of time, just like anything in life. It’s timing.”

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With the bag secured and everyone excited for Beckham, the real test will be is if the money changed Beckham for the better or made him a detriment. Beckham is now in a whole new tax bracket, and among the elites in terms of pay in professional sports. If Beckham can continue to be productive on the field, and smart with his actions both on and off, then the investment endowed by the Giants should pay off tenfold.

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