Tom Brady gets back trainer Alex Guerrero as Bill Belichick relents

New England Patriots

Trainer Alex Guerrero wasn’t allowed to be around the team last year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

While the New England Patriots continue to be the most successful team in the NFL, there have been some very intriguing storylines surrounding the organization over the last season or two, perhaps the most interesting being the saga of Tom Brady’s personal trainer.

Alex Guerrero has been assumed to have been the central reason for the so-called “beef” between Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. Last year, something about Guerrero didn’t seem to sit right with Belichick, and he banned the trainer from traveling with or even being around the team.

Brady didn’t like that at all and thus came the rumors that Brady and Belichick, who have been together since 2000, were not getting along.

But, as the Patriots traveled to Charlotte for their third preseason game of the year against the Carolina Panthers on Friday, Guerrero reportedly was on the team plane. This can only mean that Belichick finally relented to Brady’s wishes.

It’s possible that he’s tired of all the drama and just wants to focus on football. Either way, this is somewhat surprising, considering Belichick was very firm on his stance last year that he didn’t want Guerrero anywhere near the team.

Either Belichick has softened up about it, or owner Robert Kraft overruled him again in favor of Brady (just like he did in the Jimmy Garoppolo saga last year) – in which case, Kraft would be dealing with a very unhappy head coach.

Brady, on the other hand, loves Guerrero. He’s the godfather of Brady’s son, and Brady has been working with Guerrero for years. He says that Guerrero is the biggest reason why he’s still capable of playing football at an elite level at age 41.

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Guerrero reportedly still won’t be allowed on the sideline, but he’s now allowed to travel with the team, and Brady has to be happy about that.

Whether or not things were heated between Brady and Belichick last season and throughout the offseason, they seem to be cooling off a bit as the regular season approaches.

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