A Julio Jones vs. Jalen Ramsey showdown would be must-see TV

Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars

Falcons star receiver Julio Jones would love to match-up against Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey in this Saturday’s preseason game.

The Atlanta Falcons will rest Julio Jones for precautionary reasons as they play the Jacksonville Jaguars this Saturday, Aug. 25. The Jaguars have a host of young stars, one in particular, cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey, talented and outspoken, versus the quiet yet productive Julio Jones would have been a great, must-see event for the preseason.

While the match-up between the two stars won’t happen, Jones is possibly looking forward to a matchup in the Super Bowl down the road; if things go right for both teams.

Jones told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

He’s probably one of the better corners in the league that can play. But yes, I would like to [play], but it’s bigger than a matchup of somebody taking trash or things like that.

We’ve got a whole season to look forward to. We are going to stay the course and do what we do.

Ramsey stated that Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was overrated in a series of controversial statements made last week. While Jones will state that it’s beyond the trash talk as to why he wants to play, an opportunity to help prove the validity of his quarterback against someone of Ramsey’s caliber is a big statement.

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Besides the theatrics, the two would be an NFL heavyweight matchup. Last season, Jones had 88 catches, 1,444 yards, and three touchdowns. Ramsey had four interceptions and 17 pass break-ups. With two athletes at the top of their games as Jones and Ramsey, the matchup would be a delight to see. We can only apply wishful thinking in hoping the Jaguars and the Falcons can meet up in the Super Bowl.

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