Seahawks are trying to strengthen their quarterback options

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have a great starting quarterback in the form of Russell Wilson, but the team appears willing to spend big on a quality backup.

There are loads of NFL teams with big question marks at backup quarterback, but the Seattle Seahawks clearly don’t want to remain in that group. Pete Carroll and company recently made a massive attempt to upgrade their options behind Russell Wilson.

Reports from Boston claim the Seahawks offered the Colts a second round pick for Jacoby Brissett. That’s a pretty clear sign Carroll isn’t interested in starting Austin Davis in any meaningful games this season. Brissett is certainly a better quarterback than Davis, but a second round pick is a huge price to pay for a player you hope never sees the field.

It’s possible the Seahawks just made the offer to Brissett because they believe he has the potential to be a starting quarterback in the future. He certainly played well in the absence of Andrew Luck last season. There are even murmurings around the league that the Patriots want to bring him back to New England when he becomes a free agent after the 2019 season.

Seattle’s interest in acquiring him is certainly tied to their current quarterbacks coach. Brian Schottenheimer spent last season in Indianapolis coaching Brissett. He got a chance to see his dynamic skills up close.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this report is that the Colts turned the offer down. Jim Irsay told reporters earlier this season that his team wouldn’t move Brissett for a first round pick. Most viewed his words as hyperbole at the time, but perhaps Indianapolis really does value their backup quarterback that much.

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That could also be a product of the team’s uncertainty over the health of Andrew Luck. The Colts never show any public concern over Luck’s status, but the amount of games he’s missed over the past two seasons obviously heightens the team’s need for an alternative at the position. Letting Brissett go would put Luck under immense pressure.

It will be interesting to see if the Seahawks make a strong push to acquire any other quarterback before the regular season begins. Brissett may represent the top of the backup market at the time. Ultimately, Seattle is unlikely to make such a substantial offer for any other signal caller. That doesn’t mean they won’t be really active trying to find an alternative to Wilson before Week 1 arrives.

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