Bud Light tortures Browns fans with Victory Fridges

Cleveland Browns

Bud Light is installing “Victory Fridges” in 10 Cleveland bars. The beer is free, but it will only unlock when the Browns win a game.

It’s no secret that the Cleveland Browns are the running joke of the NFL, and Bud Light is getting in on the joke.

The beer company has installed 10 so-called “Victory Fridges” at 10 Cleveland-area bars. Now, the beer inside of these fridges is free to all patrons at the bar. The catch? The fridges will only unlock when the Browns win a football game.

The Browns are predicted to actually win a game or two this season, thanks to their new franchise quarterback, Baker Mayfield. There is also the possibility, however, that the Browns will have another winless season, which could qualify the Bud Light inside these Victory Fridges for a spot in Guinness Book of World Records for the coldest beers in the world.

While the promotion is slick, it also comes off as a tad bit insulting to Browns fans. You would think that there would be mass outrage all over Northeast Ohio at Bud Light taking a swipe at there beloved Browns, but, judging by the numerous tweets, the idea has brought out the comedian in Browns fans:

Not all of the tweets were jokes, though. We also got a nice history lesson on how bad beer promotions go in Cleveland.

There’s 2001:

And who could forget 44 years ago, when the Cleveland Indians hosted “Ten Cent Beer Night,” which has become so infamous in sports that it sports its own Wikipedia page:

So, how will this latest beer promotion in Cleveland go? It’s hard to say because the Browns will (probably) still suck this season.

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Or, they might win a game early, which will be to the delight of many Browns fans who may want to drown their sorrows of another long season in a nice, cold, and free Bud Light.

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