Fan shows up to Steelers practice to square off with Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh Steelers

Most fans recognize that professional athletes are on a whole different level, physically. One fan in Pittsburgh didn’t get the memo, apparently.

It’s a thought that every die-hard fan has had before: What would happen if I tried to guard my favorite player?

We all know the answer. Aside from maybe a few fans who played the sport at a high level at some point, we’d all get schooled. One fan at Pittsburgh Steelers camp didn’t think so, however.

A man dressed in a Steelers practice uniform snuck into the team’s practice Saturday, disguising himself well enough to participate in team stretches. He reportedly got close enough to bark at wide receiver Antonio Brown, asking for a chance to guard him.

Security members eventually spotted the outsider and escorted him away from the practice field.

For what it’s worth, it was certainly a diligent effort from the fan, which earns him a Fandom 250 nod from us. He looked the part of the players, rocking a yellow practice jersey nearly the same shade as those worn by Steelers’ defenders. Somehow, the fan managed to get his hands on an authentic-looking helmet — reflective visor and all.

You have to wonder if Brown wanted to give the guy a chance. He seemed enticed by the offer, and he’s certainly the kind of personality who’d like to put on a show like that. After all, pro athletes schooling fans to get a rouse from a crowd is something we’ve seen before.

In all honesty, it wouldn’t have been too surprising to see Brown accept the fan’s challenge. Brown loves to entertain his fans, and he finds plenty of ways to do it. Just this week, he posted a video on Twitter of him playing as himself on Madden 19 — which he just so happens to be smiling on the cover of.

One person wasn’t so amused with Saturday’s fan shenanigans, though. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin reportedly walked away when asked about what happened.

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