Cleveland Browns: 5 reasons they’ll reach the playoffs

Cleveland Browns

After an offseason filled with major moves, including two top draft picks, the Browns look ready to make the playoffs.

Last year the Browns won a grand total of zero games. Zero. None. The year before that, they won one game. Just one. So that is one win in two years, and the same head coach this year. Nothing points towards them being able to make the playoffs this year.

Except that they have overhauled their roster and seem ready to win this year. General manager John Dorsey showed no problem trading the precious draft capital acquired by Sashi Brown to get win-now players like Tyrod Taylor and Jarvis Landry.

Here are five reasons why the Browns could be playing into January.

5. Todd Haley

Todd Haley’s track record is impressive. As the first offensive coordinator the Steelers hired from outside their organization in 13 seasons, he did his job well. He took the Steelers from 5,324 total yards of offense his first season to a high point of 6,577, and three years above 6,000.

Last year, the Browns had 4,942 total yards of offense and clearly need some guidance in the right direction because it is not coming from Hue Jackson. Haley brings experience leading a successful offense which called more runs than passes (437 to 384). That’s the type of offense they are going to have to run in Cleveland. With three talented running backs and quarterbacks with a lot to be seen, that offense will be what they have to use.

Haley knows how to use every piece of his offense to the best of it’s ability. Whether it was him resurrecting DeAngelo Williams career or making the most of every wide receiver, he has been doing it for years. He designs the offense around the players in it, giving him the ability to capitalize on every player. He is the perfect man to guide the Browns offense back to the playoffs.

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