Broncos fan asks Von Miller to sign her baby at training camp

Denver Broncos

At Denver Broncos training camp, star linebacker Von Miller was commissioned by a fan to autograph her baby boy. Miller not only signed but held the toddler afterward.

Is it safe to say that Von Miller loves the kids? The star outside linebacker autographed a baby boy commissioned by the toddler’s mother at the Denver Broncos training camp.

After the autograph session, Miller held the baby boy briefly before giving him back to his mother. While many will probably raise their eyebrow at the gesture, it just goes to show how beloved Miller is in Denver. Let’s not forget he was the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

It also goes to show how hardcore Broncos fans can be, and they certainly earn a Fandom 250 shout-out for this gesture.

After having his lowest sack total last season since he missed seven games in 2013 (10) Miller is poised to have a stellar season and remain one of the NFL’s most feared pass rushers. Miller has the respect from his peers and media, too, garnering a Pro Bowl or an All-Pro selection in every season since 2011 except 2013. But it’s the city of Denver and of course, his own team that perhaps have the most respect for Miller. Broncos offensive tackle Jared Veldheer says blocking Miller in practice is like trying to hit a long par 3 hole in golf.

“It gets you better,” offensive tackle Jared Veldheer said of practicing against Miller in training camp. “There’s something new that I’m trying to focus on almost every rep. It’s like that really long par three in golf that’s really hard to hit the green. Kind of like that, except running at you.

“It might not make sense but until you’ve done that stuff maybe you’ll understand.

I’m not a follower of golf, but I’m sure whatever Veldheer described is about on par with blocking Miller on a consistent basis.

Either way, I am sure Veldheer, the baby boy Miller autographed and his mother are all appreciative of Miller being in Denver.

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