Jamal Adams shows Jets fans why he’s a great dude (Video)

New York Jets

Second-year New York Jets safety, Jamal Adams, showed the fans why he’s a great guy by doing something awesome for a fan in a wheelchair.

While the media and Jets fans alike are going nuts about the absence of Sam Darnold from training camp, Jamal Adams is doing things that should be getting more attention. At Jets camp, one of the most exciting things you can do is get an autograph from your favorite player.

Growing up on Long Island myself, I got to go to Hofstra University and hope to track down the likes of Chad Pennington or Santana Moss for an autograph. So I completely understand the excitement as a kid getting to briefly meet your favorite player.

Jamal Adams took that to another level. He saw a fan in a wheelchair wearing his jersey and he went over to make his day.

The fan is so visibly excited as Adams approaches him. Adams signs the guy’s jersey and then gave him his gloves. Jamal too was obviously taken back by the reaction too by the caption of his video and overall excitement in the video.

The 22-year-old is heading into his second year in the league but he is already showing maturity as a blossoming star in New York. Unfortunately, players get a bad reputation sometimes but when someone does something like this it should be recognized.

On the field, Adams had a positive rookie year. Despite not having an interception in 2017, he was still an effective safety and if you see his Twitter account he’s pretty serious about putting it out there that his first interception and Pro Bowl will be coming soon.

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Adams and this new young Jets core are very easy to root for. They may be 10-22 in the last two years but this team has a great culture, lead by their young leader on the defensive side of the ball.

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