Julian Edelman is accepting all the blame for his suspension

New England Patriots

In regards to his four-game suspension, Julian Edelman isn’t looking to hide behind excuses or point fingers at someone else.

At this point, Julian Edelman realizes that there really is no point in trying to place the blame for his four-game suspension elsewhere. He realizes that he screwed up, and he has to pay the price for it.

For those out of the loop, the longtime receiver for the New England Patriots was issued a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s performance enhancing drug policy. He tried to appeal the suspension, but it was unsuccessful. There’s nothing reasonable left to do other than just serve the suspension and get it over with.

Edelman isn’t quite sure what went wrong during this past year, as he’s been working to come back from a torn ACL that kept him out of action for the entire 2017 season. But he knows that at some point, he did something wrong, and he’s not looking to point fingers at anyone other than himself.

“Obviously, you’re disappointed with it, but I got to follow the protocols a little better and make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Edelman said, according to ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “I’m accountable for my actions.”

Once his suspension is out of the way, Edelman is looking at a Week 5 return, just in time for a prime time matchup with the Indianapolis Colts.

“Ultimately, my focus now is getting my knee right and going out and trying to play football at a high level,” Edelman said. “It was a hell of a year to just sit and watch your team go to the Super Bowl and play without you, and you’re on the couch. It was tough. But I’m excited to be out here, and I’m excited to work my game.”

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We may never know what it was that caused Edelman to fail that PED test, but at least he’s man enough to accept the responsibility, do the time and move on. Despite what some might say, the 32-year-old NFL veteran has always been a class act for the Patriots organization.

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