Dez Bryant channels Kevin Durant in tweetstorm about Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant pulls no punches in Twitter rant against the Dallas Cowboys and a former teammate.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has a lot of time on his hands. So, when a tweet comes across his timeline throwing dirt on his name, he has no problem firing back.

The issue started with Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones’ appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio. When talking about improvements quarterback Dak Prescott can make heading into his third season, Jones said “Dak is working on his game and accuracy. He has to trust the system. I think that was tough last year with Dez Bryant in his ear. I think he’ll have the year he had last year if not better!”

The Sirius XM NFL account tagged Bryant in the comment. And the floodgates opened.

Dez begins by calling out the play calling of Jason Garrett. Even non-Cowboys fan know Garrett’s play calling has been below average for years now. Yet, Garrett is still the head coach while Bryant is continues to search for a new team.

After RTing fans agreeing with him, Dez spilled some more tea.

Bryant attacks former teammate Sean Lee, calling him a “snake” and implying Lee had something to do with his release. He didn’t stop there.

Lee doesn’t appear to have an active social media account, so don’t expect him to defend himself in 280 characters anytime soon. Bryant doesn’t burn anymore bridges, but he does have fun with fans responding to his initial tweets.

Bryant hasn’t tweeted in roughly 10 minutes since writing this, but by the time it’s posted, he’ll likely have fired off another couple of gems.

Next: Will Dez Bryant find a home with the Browns?

At this point, who even wants Dez to sign with a team? Put him in the booth right next to Tony Romo for the first Cowboys game of the season. And get the popcorn ready.

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