Cowboy drama: Sean Lee drops the hammer on Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys

There’s been a lot of back and forth between Cowboys players and Dez Bryant this week, but Sean Lee has emphatically ended the conversation.

It’s fair to say Sean Lee is tired of talking about Dez Bryant. The former Cowboys wide receiver has been in a war of words with his former teammates this week. The Dallas linebacker has taken it upon himself to shut everyone up for good.

Lee freely admits that he and Bryant “butted heads” during their time together. The Pro Bowl linebacker also doesn’t hesitate to explain why the conflict arose. He claims the tension between the two was a product of Lee asking Bryant to be more “accountable” to his teammates. Lee also believes a lot of his teammates feel the same way.

Unfortunately, Lee didn’t succeed in keeping Bryant quiet. The wide receiver responded to the linebacker by calling him a “backstabber” on Twitter. Don’t expect the two to exchange Christmas cards this year.

From the Cowboys perspective, the sooner Bryant finds a new team to call home the better. It’s in their best interest to see him ink a deal with the Browns this week. That would shift the media attention to how he might help Cleveland as opposed to what he didn’t do in Dallas. As long as Bryant remains a free agent, Cowboys players will continue to get loads of questions about why he can’t find a new team.

Lee should make sure these are the last public comments he makes on the matter. He needs to shift his focus entirely on helping his current teammates make the Cowboys as good as they can be in 2018. This isn’t a perfect roster. Specifically, the Dallas defense is going to need to be a top-10 unit if the Cowboys are going to make a postseason run. That might require Lee to be an All-Pro this season.

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Bryant isn’t going to stop talking about the Cowboys anytime soon, but Lee’s words should end the public war of words. He’s certainly the most reliable source in this exchange.

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