Falcons basically paid $2 million to get Julio Jones into training camp

Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones had his price to come to training camp and apparently it was $2 million. That’s how much the Falcons are paying to avoid a holdout.

Every man has his price and apparently that statement applies to Julio Jones. The Falcons receiver has reportedly agreed to report to training camp on time after the team agreed to pay him an extra $2 million this season. It’s not a long-term solution for the Pro Bowl wide receiver, but it does help clarify his status for 2018.

Evidently, the Falcons have also informed Jones that they are planning to offer him a new contract after this season. That represents a reasonable compromise for all involved. Expecting Jones to play two more seasons on an outdated contract was never a realistic option for the team. Getting him into camp on time for just $2 million also represents an excellent short-term investment for the team.

It’s a win for Jones too. Holding out of camp could have turned expensive. He’s also not the type of player who wants to be a distraction for his team. Yes, Jones wants to be paid fairly, but he also wants to help the Falcons get back to the Super Bowl. He understands his absence from preseason activities could have hampered the team’s ability to return to the promised land.

Now the question becomes whether or not the Falcons can avoid further tension with their most talented player. Agreeing to renegotiate his contract in the offseason sounds great, but what does it really mean? Jones is going to understandably expect to be paid like one of the top receivers in the game. The Falcons might balk at providing that sort of long-term contract for a player who will be entering his 30s.

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That’s a question for another day though. For now, everything is good between Julio Jones and the Falcons. The team and player can both focus their attention on winning games in 2018. Look for the same drama to happen all over again next summer though. This saga isn’t finished.

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