Le’Veon Bell throws shade at Steelers over Todd Gurley’s contract

Pittsburgh Steelers

Le’Veon Bell couldn’t get the Steelers to commit to a long-term deal but the Rams had no trouble paying Todd Gurley. Bell isn’t thrilled with that news.

The Rams effectively reset the running back market with their decision to give Todd Gurley a four-year contract that will pay him $60 million. Specifically, the $45 million in guaranteed money in the deal is a record-setter. You can’t blame Le’Veon Bell for being a little bit jealous.

This is just the sort of contract he wanted from the Steelers. He isn’t mad at his fellow running back though. Bell took to social media to give his peer props for his ability to get paid.

That isn’t all Bell managed to do though. He also used Twitter to take a swipe at fans who thought he was making astronomical contract demands. In his eyes, Gurley’s deal simply validates what he was asking the Steelers to do. After all, the two have arguably been the NFL’s top two running backs over the last several seasons.

Unfortunately the Steelers don’t appear to value the running back position as highly as the Rams. In fairness to the Pittsburgh front office, their position is more consistent with the way the league views running backs. Outside of the New York Giants decision to spend the No. 2 pick on Saquon Barkley this season, compensation for rushers has been on the steady decline. The Rams are truly the exception to this rule.

Still, it’s only going to embolden Bell to ask for big money this summer from another team. It’s highly unlikely he’ll be returning to Pittsburgh, but there may be someone out there who’s willing to give him the big money deal he desires. You can be certain that his representatives will be using Gurley’s deal as a benchmark for negotiations.

The bottom line is that only one team has to decide Bell is worth the money he’s asking for this summer. The Rams chose to bet big on Gurley, and Bell will hope another franchise feels the same way about him when he hits free agency.

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