Jaguars fans ranked ahead of Chiefs fans in recent study

Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs

There are a lot of crazy fan bases in the NFL, but how would one go about ranking them? According to a recent study by Emory University, Jaguars fans slightly edge out Chiefs fans.

Identifying what makes for the leagues best and worst fans is surely no easy feat. However, Dr. Michael Lewis from Emory University developed a way to rank fan bases by three different statistical measures.

The three measures used are fan equity, social equity, and road equity. Fan equity refers to revenue, how much the fans spend on tickets and jerseys. Social equity refers to the fans engagement on social media regarding their team. And road equity is exactly what it sounds like, how well the team’s fans travel with them.

By combining these three aspects, the study believes that it found an accurate way to rank fanbases around the NFL. While the obvious teams like the Cowboys and Patriots have a firm grasp on the top of the list, the bottom is a little more interesting.

The bottom four teams are the Jaguars, Chiefs, Rams, and Titans in that order. The Jaguars just barely edge out the crazies who reside at Arrowhead Stadium despite only being better in the road equity category. However, that is the most significant difference between the two teams, perhaps Jags fans like getting out of the swamp?

These results are quite surprising, given the historically passionate fans the Chiefs have. Nobody enjoys going to Arrowhead, except the Chiefs. But going to the stadium is only one part of the algorithm, Chiefs fans need to start making their rounds to other stadiums if they want to climb ahead of the Jaguars.

It would be interesting to track these findings over a 10-year course to try and identify trends around the league. What are your thoughts on how the rankings rounded out? Are Chiefs fans really worse than Jaguars fans?

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