Dak Prescott agent change could cost Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys want to ink Dak Prescott to a new deal, but his decision to switch agencies may really complicate matters.

The Cowboys love it when quarterback Dak Prescott makes a quick change of direction on the football field to avoid defenders. The team won’t be as excited about Prescott’s latest misdirection. The quarterback’s sudden decision to change agencies may make it much more difficult for the Cowboys to sign him to a team-friendly contract.

Reports from Dallas claim Prescott will make the switch to Todd France and CAA in the coming days. He has to undergo a five-day waiting period to make the change official, but that’s only a formality. Come next week, the Cowboys front office will have a new agent to speak to about their quarterback’s contract status.

Optimistic Cowboys fans will claim this shouldn’t affect contract negotiations at all, but that’s a naive belief. Prescott didn’t choose to change agencies for no reason. He made the switch because he wasn’t happy with his previous group’s work on getting him a new deal with Dallas.

For what it’s worth, the Cowboys front office is adamant they’ll do what’s required to keep Prescott in Big D. That’s a nice sound bite for the media, but no team official has stepped forward and articulated what they might be willing to pay their starting quarterback. Until contract figures are exchanged, it’s all just noise.

Expect France and CAA to push for Prescott to get a deal somewhere north of the five-year, $137.5 million deal Jimmy Garoppolo got with the 49ers. After all, Prescott has been an established starter for a playoff team. Garoppolo only has seven starts in his four-year career as a professional.

Expect the Cowboys to push for a much more team-friendly deal. Prescott has been an extremely accurate passer during his career, but he’s always enjoyed the benefit of a top-notch offensive line and running game. The jury is still out over whether or not he can elevate an offense on his own.

This season he’ll still enjoy a great running game, but he isn’t surrounded by terrific pass catchers. If the Cowboys offense is going to operate at a high level in 2018, he’ll need to carry his anonymous receiving corps to new heights.

If he does, he’ll get a massive contract from the Cowboys without any hesitation. If he doesn’t, his new agent should prepare to engage in tough talks with the Dallas front office.

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