Report: Titans and 49ers expressed interest in trading for Rob Gronkowski

New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans

Rob Gronkowski is an interesting figure for the Patriots franchise and one of the more eccentric players in the league today. Rumors have swirled Friday about his future with the organization.

There’s no question that in his career Rob Gronkowski has been one of the more dominating players at the tight end position. When healthy and playing his game, he’s the hardest potential cover on the field. That talent does come with attention as Gronkowski attracts a lot of it with his personality and off-field lifestyle.

Rumors heated up, even more, Friday about his future with the franchise and according to Adam Kurkjian, two teams with bright futures inquired about his availability.

The 49ers and Titans are two of the most interesting teams heading into 2018 with high ceilings and big dreams of postseason success. The 49ers are looking to continue the late season success of acquisition Jimmy Garoppolo into this season. The Titans who finished behind Jacksonville in a surprisingly very exciting AFC South, stormed back to beat the Chiefs in the Wild Card before falling to the Patriots in the Divisional Round.

The Patriots were quick to dispel talks of trading their tight end as Patriots fans were able to take a big sigh of relief.

Those are heavy rumors when you look at ramifications. If even a sliver were true it’s a big time discussion for what the Patriots would look like in 2018. Outside of the Patriots though, what would a Gronkowski trade mean?

Garoppolo has worked with Gronkowski during his time in New England and would seem like a no-brainer for a chance to grow with a talented young quarterback. In Tennessee, Gronkowski would work with a young and very talented Marcus Mariota which could be very beneficial for the play style Gronk has.

Whether he’s traded or not, Gronkowski is ready for 2018 after speculation whether he’d even give it a go. Rumors always surround him, we’ll see what weight they hold!

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